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Blister Pack

Equipped with professional and productive blister pack factory, Xiexinlong Trading is one of the leading China blister pack, plastic blister packaging, blister packaging, clamshell packaging, thermoformed tray, vacuum packaging, blister packs manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.
  • Tri-folded Clamshell Packaging

    Contact NowTri-folded Clamshell PackagingTo fold the forming clamshell to be with 3 sides like a triangle. This structure make the packaging stand up very well on the flat surface.Read More2015-12-31

  • ABS Packaging

    Contact NowABS PackagingABS material itself is with high impact-resistance and heat resistance. So the ABS blister packaging clamshell is very hardy and strong like injection packs. Also, it is easy to do secondary processing, such as coating, painting, electroplating. It is widely made as the auto parts, machinery...Read More2015-12-31

  • Food Packaging

    Contact NowFood PackagingApplicable to all types of food packaging,such as: fruit,cake,ice cream,candied fruit and all kinds of frozen food packaging.we could design it according to your needs in different color,size,shape and thickness.Read More2015-12-31

  • Suction Card Blister

    Contact NowSuction Card Blisterblister card packaging refers that the blister clamshell is heat sealed onto the surface of paper card with blister vanishing. Pls note: 1.There must be the blister vanish on the surface of paper card in order to glue the blister. 2. The material of blister calmshell should be PVC or PETG. 3....Read More2015-12-31

  • Plastic Blister Clamshell Packaging

    Contact NowPlastic Blister Clamshell PackagingThere are lid and bottom for this calmshell. One side is connected when thermoforming. The other side isn't connected by high frequency, but connected by some buttons or the nails if necessary. The bottom and lid should be buckled well.Read More2015-12-31

  • Slide Card Blister

    Contact NowSlide Card BlisterThe three border of the finished calmshell need to be folded first. And then paper card will be slide into the folded space by hand. The sealling machine is unnecessary. Pls note: 1. it must be appropriate for paper card and folded trilateral blister, they can not be too tight or too loose 2....Read More2015-12-31

  • Half Plastic Blister

    Contact NowHalf Plastic BlisterThis packaging is very similar with double clamshell packaging.Two blister clamshell with insert card need to be sealled by High frequency sealling. But the clamshells need to be cut in some part in order to make inner products showing part out. If so, the customers can touch the products...Read More2015-12-31

  • Double Ahensive Plastic Blister

    Contact NowDouble Ahensive Plastic BlisterThis is a packaging that two blister clamshell with insert card need to be sealled by High frequency sealling machine. It is very slap-up with tidy and nice margin, but high cost and low effeciency of production Pls note 1,the blister must be PVC or PETG material, Otherwise the two blister can...Read More2015-12-31

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